Master's thesis: Private, trustless and decentralized message consensus and voting schemes

I recently (December 19th, 2014) defended my master's thesis in Computer Science. For anyone interested, you can read the report here: Private, trustless and decentralized message consensus and voting schemes

The abstract is as follows:

This thesis proposes a protocol to conduct anonymous, trustless, decentralized elections over the internet. Only registered voters can vote, multiple votes from the same voter are easily detected and discarded, and it is infeasible to determine the identity behind a given vote with a better probability than random guessing.

The voting protocol builds on top of a decentralized deadline consensus protocol which can form a consensus about which messages have been sent before a specific deadline. This consensus protocol can also be used to suit other purposes such as contests, auctions and applications in a decentralized manner.

The protocols use the Bitmessage protocol for communication. Bitcoin, blockchain-technology and Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables are used for defining deadlines and timestamping of messages. Linkable Ring Signatures provide a signature scheme suitable for signing votes.

A proof-of-concept client has been developed and implemented, where one can create and run elections with a basic ballot format.

About the author

Jesper Borgstrup Jesper is a Masters student of computer science at the University of Copenhagen.

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